Worship Magazine is a collection of basic resources on worship, both for personal or private use, and for public or corporate worship.

The aim of this website is to promote worship that is both “in spirit and truth” and according to the Scriptures rather than the inventions of men.

Pastors may find information here useful for preparing their church services.  One of the menus lists the various elements of public worship: Prayers, Singing, Confession of Faith, Preaching, Sacraments, and Tithes & Offerings.

There are also Bible notes provided.  The chief concern has been to be faithful to the text and convey its meaning. The drop-down menu at the top of the site lists the books of the Bible in alphabetical order.  The menu in the column on the right side lists the books in the order found in the Bible.

For those interested in church government, and particularly those in the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America), The Book of Church Order Outline is provided.  It is a concise reference to the Book of Church Order of the Presbyterian Church in America.  The BCO Outlinehas been used by many PCA ministers and Covenant Theological Seminary, the denomination’s seminary.



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